About Joel Allyn

I am endlessly fascinated with the underbelly of life. I always want to turn a rock over to see what lies under it, to climb down into open sewers and explore all forbidden landscapes, to hike through the wilderness left in the world and venture down dark misty alleys. I gaze up at the cosmos every night and wish I were able to swim through the stars and experience the endless wonders therein. Always I ponder over how thin reality may be and what lies beyond the precipice of what we can know. The darkness intrigues me, it allows me to better appreciate the light, and recognize it where I might have missed it before. In the dreams I have at night, and day, there are dim caves which have never been penetrated and glowing hills whose grass has never been trampled upon, in these far seeing places are secrets and truths we all know and understand, and much more we share that remains unspoken.

When I see people on the street I wonder what their story is, their fears, where they go at night. What they hate and what they love. I can’t do or see or experience all the things I would like, am unable to ever know all the people I pass as intimately as I desire. Still I remain curious about all things and wonder over them constantly, and so I write stories. I hope you enjoy them.


Joel Allyn (Th3 Scribbl3r)

nice tits

All written works on this site Copyright © 2011, 2012 by Joel Allyn


5 thoughts on “About Joel Allyn

  1. Willy

    kindred scribe i trust you have found
    that once written events unbound
    worlds unfold in word and rhyme
    and we become masters of space and time…

    willy (Carla is the love of my life)


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